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Evoking Change Coaching & Consulting

Specializing in Skills Needed for Daily and Long-Term Success

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What Is Change?

Change Means Different Things to Different People

For some, change is getting rid of bad habits or becoming better at completing daily tasks. For others, change is the achievement of a long-desired goal. Still others may define change as enlightenment, or finding one's voice.

Change may be enhanced relationships, improved performance at school or work, clarity about important decisions, or something as simple as organizing and executing a to-do list.

At Evoking Change, we guide you through a creative process of finding your own solutions, executing strategies, and setting up accountability, with the ultimate goal of internalizing skills that can be used in daily life and for a lifetime.


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At Evoking Change Coaching and Consulting, we assist you through the process developing your own ambitious yet achievable goals -- at your own pace utilizing your strengths and working through your challenges. We help you develop and/or find the focus, motivation, determination and confidence needed to achieve your goals. 

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Joy West Gardner - Life Coach

Believer. Child of the King. 

Warm, Compassionate Coach. Educator. Mentor.

Advocate for Marginalized Communities. 

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Nana. Friend.

I am honored to help others find the best in themselves -- to bring forth their better self. My strong personal commitment to service, along with extensive training, varied successful professional experiences, and a deep passion for this work provide the support needed for my clients to both optimize their efforts and reach their goals.


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